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Choose a topic to explore my favorite links to use with students for lessons, activities, and as other resources.
General Science - General resources, science news, science videos, science fair, math & science careers, & measurement systems

Biology Topics - Organized into the following topics:  Cells, Classification & Living Things, Genetics, DNA, & Human Body, Ecology & Environment, Microscopes & Pond Water

Earth Science - Topics include Earth's layers, geologic time, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanos, rocks & minerals, soil science, and weather

Astronomy - General resources along with links for stars & constellations, earth & moon, and games.

Chemistry - General resources along with links for matter& classification, chemical bonds, balancing equations, periodic table, acids & bases,

Physics - General resources along with links for sound & light, electricity & magnetism, Newton's laws, STEAM

Forensic Science - General resources and links for specific types of evidence (fingerprints, DNA, blood, etc.)

NOTE: Many of these sites were previously listed on the Kid Zone, which is no longer available.  If a link from an old worksheet is not listed, it was probably a flash site that is no longer available or the website itself has been deleted.

Teachers:  Please copy the links you want to use and provide them for your students through a classroom website or LMS (Clever, Schoology, Google Classroom) rather than linking to a specific page on my website.

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