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Middle School Chemistry
Adventures in Chemistry

Matter Interactive
iheartscience Chem Videos
ASC Reactions

Matter & Classification
All About Atoms
Chem Time Clock

Matter Sort
Matter Review
Identify the Molecules
VST Atomic Challenge

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Periodic Table Links

Acids & Bases
Chem4Kids - Acids & Bases
pH Factor
Virtual Labs pH
Quia pH Scale

Quia Acids, Bases, & pH

BioNetwork pH

Chemical Bonds
Ionic & Covalent Bonds
Chemical Bond Quiz

Drag & Drop Molecule Magic*

Chemical Equations
Chemical Equations
Classic ChemBalancer
It's Elemental -
Balancing Act

Review ChemBalancer
Brain Boggle ChemBalancer
Balancing Equations Tutorial
Drag & Drop Chem Formulas*

Plastics 101
Hstory of Plastic (Plastipedia)
HandsOn Plastics
Plastics Make It Possible
Kids' Macrogalleria

PBS Kaboom
Anatomy of a Firework
  Pyrotechnics - It's Elemental
Chemistry of Color
NOVA Making Color
NOVA Lifting Charge

NOVA Science of Fire
Fireworks Gallery
Name That Shell

Chemistry Challenges
VST Chemistry Games
JLab Games & Puzzles

Quia Common Chemicals
Mrs. T's Chemistry Challenge
Syvum Chemistry Games

Vocabulary Resources
Quizlet - Chem Interactions
Study Stack - Chem Basics

 Everyday Chemistry
Chem Life Hacks Vol 1
Chem Life Hacks Vol 2
Baking Soda Hacks
How to Cookie w/ Science

Cheeseburger Chem

Scientific Snack Links
How It's Made: Foods
Secret Science of Stuff
Cookie Science
Popcorn Science
Soda Science
Potato Chips
Candy Canes
Bubble Gum
Beef Jerky
Gatorade Science
Gummy Candy
& Licorice  



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