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Forensic Science Lesson Plan Links


My Favorite Links:

  • PBS Learning Media - Forensics - A great lesson with links to additional project ideas from their archives. Use their site search to find a wealth of resources!
  • Forensic Teacher - Sign up today for a free subscription to this excellent resource!  Explore their website to see past issues, hot links, and other resources.

Other Links:

CLT Forensic Science - This site provides three excellent units with tons of great resources for any forensic science class - Primary School Break-In, Forensic Entomology, & Blood Spatter Analysis.

CyberBee - Who Dunnit? - Students investigate feet, teeth, and other topics to solve a crime.

Discovery School - Use their site search option to find lesson plans to use in your forensic science unit.

Education World - It's A Mystery - A variety of mystery-related resources and activities, such as Fingered Felons and Secret Agent Stan.

Intel - Forensics - Get a Clue Unit - This site provides an assortment of ideas and resources for forensic science.

MysteryNet - A great site for those challenging "Whodunnits" as well as other mystery lab ideas.

Nancy Clark's Forensic Chemistry Resources - An excellent collection of links and resources to help you find new ideas for your crime scene unit!  Also check out her Forensic Biology resources!

Shambles - Forensic Science - Visit this site for links to a variety of forensic science resources.

Shoder Forensic Science - Learn about trash archaeology, DNA extraction, handwriting analysis, and other lesson ideas for your CSI unit.  Visit the Online Teacher's Guide for activities.

Teacher's First - Who Did It? - Explore this unit of 20 lessons to find new ideas for your forensic science unit. The site provides an outline for each activity that explains the lesson procedures, required materials, and discussion questions. Rubrics for each section are also available.

Visible Proofs - Several lesson plans and related resources are available to enhance your forensic science unit, such as Entomology in Action and Measurable You.


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