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Check out "wearable" science projects at!

Amazing Chemistry Teacher Resources - Visit this webpage for a great listing of activities organized by topic. This website also provides management tips, games, puzzles, links, and more!

Ask-A-Scientist Archive - Have a chemistry question? Visit this site for an assortment of Q&A's about topics in chemistry.

A To Z Home's Cool Homeschooling - Chemistry Experiments - A fantastic collection of links for great chemistry experiments and sites with brief descriptions!

Cavalcade Publishing - Check out the FREE resources section for labs and lots of great chemistry worksheets! Don't forget to sign up for the Free Worksheet of the Month!

Chemistry Coach - A large collection of links and ideas for demonstrations and experiments!

Creative Chemistry - An assortment of ideas for your chemistry unit! Don't miss the Fun Stuff page!

Discovery Education - Chemistry - An assortment of lessons and resources for your chemistry unit.  

Math-Science Learning Coalition - Chemistry Lessons - This site offers a wide range of chemistry lessons for elementary, middle school, and high school.

Nobel Prize - Chemistry Matters - Visit this page for a collection of videos related to chemistry and its importance in our lives.

Periodic Table of the Elements - This site provides over 1300 free science and chemistry questions per age and topic for school, college and university students.

Proteacher - Chemistry - An assortment of chemistry lesson plans and links for elementary teachers.

SMILE Program Chemistry Index - A huge assortment of almost 200 single concept lesson plans and activities organized by category.

Teaching - Learn more about the Hands-On Plastics program and find great lesson ideas! You can also order a free kit for the unit!


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