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New digital notebooks added to the General Science page of the Science Classroom             


Getting Started with digital INBs-Tons of great ideas;  well worth the time to watch 

PPT to Slides- Another great tutorial at showing how to use your existing PPTs for notebooks in Slides.  
Also check out this tutorial on converting PPT slides as images.

Master Slide Tutorial- A good introduction to using Master slides to set up the format for the slides on your presentation.

Google Slide Add-Ons- Video shares so many great tools to make your slides better

Sadler Science Notebooks- Overview of using hyperlinked Table of Contents and other tips  (I am just using a hyperlinked Table of Contents on one slide rather than a separate document.)

Inserting Links in Slides- Watch this tutorial to learn how to insert links using text, objects, & images.

Organizing Google Classroom- Goes along with using DINBs - organize into topics

Slip & Slide- Use this G-Suite add on to push out new slides for existing digital ISN..

Alice Keeler - Push Slides- Use this tool to push new slides out to students for an existing digital INB; the slides will go to the start and students will have to move them.

Assigning on Google Classroom- Quick tutorial explaining how to assign on GC. 

Ditch That Textbook- Visit this page for ideas for interactive activities plus a form to enter your e-mail to download 50 free templates.

Facebook Groups - Science Digital INBs (Just science, all levels) & Digital INBs & Binders (All subjects/levels)


Tools for Lessons/Activities

MEGA Resource - Everything Science- Check out this file for shared Slides you can copy to use in your own digital science notebooks

Editable PDF- Take a PDF worksheet and turn it into a digital one; also try

Drag & Drop Activities- Simple tutorial for making drag and drop activities on Slides

Book Widgets- Create crosswords students can complete online and then insert a screenshot on a slide 

Graphic Organizers- Save as an image to use as a background on a side; students use text boxes or images to fill in the organizer.

Doc to Form- Get this add-on for Google Docs to help you make forms from new or existing docs. 

Check out my Lessons for Learning @ Home - Activities to send home for students to complete during remote learning that work with or without Internet; many of these could be adapted to digital form, such as the choice boards.

Other Resources

Cool Text- Use this site to make your own “text stickers” that can spiff up your pages.  Easy to change fonts and download!

Remove Backgrounds from Images- Make any image transparent

Word Art Generator - Create amazing graphics using vocabulary or other key terms in a unit.  Create your art using the options available and then click Download at the top of the screen for image options.

Have other questions?  Send me an e-mail!


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