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My search for family began several years ago while helping my Grandmother Duncan organize a few dresser drawers. During my work I discovered wonderful photos as well as bits and pieces of family trees that others had started. After a few hours of reminiscing with my grandparents, the genealogy bug had made its mark and I was on my way down the ancestral path.

My journey down the path the past couple of years has been aided by many relatives near and far. Endless hours of research on the Internet and enjoyable visits with family members have provided the information outlined in my website.

This website was developed to provide Duncan family researchers with the tools they needed to connect to my family line or discover relatives from other lines. I hope you will spend a few moments exploring my family tree, reading a few stories, and browsing through our photo album.

The beginning ... (condensed version)

My family line begins with George Duncan, born in 1787 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and his brother Henry. George was educated as a physician in Glasgow before he married Elizabeth Primrose on June 4, 1815 in Abercorn, West Lothian, Scotland. In 1816, George gave up his practice to try his luck in the United States. George and Elizabeth first settled near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During their time in Pennsylvania, they had three children: John H. (born December, 1816), Thomas P. (born April 1824), and Margaret.

In 1835, George and his family moved to Shawneetown, Illinois, but soon traveled north to settle in an area south of Lewistown, Illinois. In 1836, George and his sons built the first mill resulting in a little spot called Duncan Mills.

For more information regarding George and his family, visit the Family History section.

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