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CSI WarmUps

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A Great Way to Start Each Day


General Science - Science Scrambles A to Z, Scientists, Experiments, Safety, Microscopes, Measurement, Mystery Pictures, Inventors

Physical Science - Atoms, Elements, Periodic Table, Compounds, Elemental Puns, Table Teasers, Electricity

- Animals, Insects, Classificsation, Genetics & DNA, Human Body, Ecology, Food Webs, Environmental Issues

Earth Science/Astronomy- Astronomy, Geology

Daily CSI Challenges - An assortment of topics from my forensic science unit.

Do you have starters that you'd like to share? If so, e-mail them to me and I'll add them to this section!

What are science starters?

With the addition of a SmartBoard to my classroom three years ago, I started developing Science Starters presentations to use as class starters or warm-ups and have set up this page to share those with all of you. The starters are provided as PowerPoint 2003 files so they can be used with any interactive software (SmartBoard or Mimio) or just a projector.

The starters typically take 5 minutes or less to complete and provide students with a focused activity to start class. I also like to use the starters to review material we have covered in class. It helps me gauge what they have remembered from previous lessons or lets me know that additional lessons are needed. Feel free to use the starters as they are provided or adapt them to fit your units of study.

I provide students with a Science Starters answer sheet (quarter format) that has room for nine weeks worth of answers. The answer sheets are collected every Friday to be graded and then I return them on Monday for the new week. I also have an answer sheet with room for four weeks worth of answers or a weekly Science Starters bookmark (weekly format) available as an alternative to the standard answer sheet.

Also available ...

Loehman's Bell Ringers - Check out the great bell ringers available at her DropBox site.

Thanks to Helen Cleveland for sharing her "create your own" template ... Her students create their own word scramble Science Starters to challenge their classmates! 

Links for more ideas ... - Science Warm-Ups - This site is a good source for questions to use as your class warm-up activities.

Awesome Stories - Explore this website for videos and audioclips that can be used to create starters for your classes. Warm-Ups - Explore this site for great ideas to develop your own warm-up questions to challenge your students.

How Stuff Works Videos - Use the site search to find video clips on topics you address in your science classes.

Internet4Teachers - Daily Doses - Scroll down this page to find the science section with links to websites with ideas for class challenges.

JLab Videos - Visit the Frostbite Theater to find videos you can use to create warm-ups for your physical science classes or incorporate them into a science lesson.

PBS Wired Science Podcasts - Create a warm-up using one of the podcasts available from this site. Listen to the podcast and then challenge your students to answer questions about the material.
More podcasts Science Friday, Dragonfly TV, National Geographic, Bytesize Science, All Science Videocasts

RadioLab - Browse this site for podcasts that can be used for warm-ups for your science classes. Use their site search to find podcaasts on the topics you need! Videos - This site provides a huge collection of videos for an assortment of topics in astronomy!