Bald Eagle Links


Eagle Information
American Bald Eagles
Journey North - Eagles
eNature Birds
PBS American Eagle
Aerodynamics of Animals
Enchanted Learning - Bald Eagles
Critter Corner - Bald Eagle
The Raptor Center

ABCs of Bird Nests
Bird Nest Basics
Nest Watch
BBC Amazing Nests


Eagle Cams
Bald Eagle Cam
US Stream Eagle Cam

Animal Cams
National Zoo
San Diego Zoo
Minnesota Zoo
Monterey Bay Aquarium

Also visit ...
Bird Links on the Plants & Animals page

National Symbols
Ben's Guide: Symbols of Government
Symbolic Elements - Great Seal

Games & Quizzes
Quia - Bald Eagle Basics
Quia - Eagle Expert game
Quizlet - Vocab Challenge
Quizlet - Scatter Game
Enviro Puzzles
Jigsaw Puzzles - Birds
Billy Bear Eagle Puzzle
Bird Videos & Games

Nat Geo Bald Eagle Puzzle


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