Weather Lesson Plan Links

Awesome Library - Weather - A large collection of links to to help you find lessons and acitvities for your weather unit.

CIESE - WeatherScope - Learn more about this collaborative online project and explore the resources page. The site provides information for teachers, student activities, and more! Also explore the Wonderful World of Weather project.

Discovery Channel School - Weather - A collection of resources and lessons for weather.

EdHelper -Weather - An assortment of weather worksheets and puzzles!

EPA Sunwise Program - Explore this site to learn more about the Sunwise program focused on educating students about ultraviolet radiation and sun safety.

More resources for ultraviolet radiation ...
You, Me, & UV - Teacher's Guide to UV Topics
- A selection of UV related activities to explore with your students.
As The Sun Burns
. - Download lesson plans from the Stanford Solar Center for elementary, middle school, or high school. Be sure to visit the main page of this website to see all the great resources they have to offer!
Ultra-Violet Spectra - Browse this page for an assortment of ideas for using UV beads in the science classroom.

Need UV beads? Visit the Educational Innovations website and click the link for ultraviolet to find their UV beads and more!

Exploring the Environment - This website from the NASA Classroom of the Future provides a series of interdisciplinary, problem-based learning (PBL) modules for high school students. The project engages student teams in addressing real-world problems related to weather, population growth, biodiversity, land use patterns, volcanoes, water pollution, and global warming.

Glacier Theme Page - An assortment of links to online resources containing information and activities related to glaciers!

GeoSociety - Education & Outreach - Visit this site for lesson plans & resources for K-12 Earth Science educators! You can view the lessons by topic or age group!

Math-Science Learning Coalition - Earth Science Lessons - Browse their listing of earth science lessons to find activities for your weather unit.

Nature of Water Power - Explore the power of water with your students with these great lesson ideas.

NOAA Education - Weather - This website provides an assortment of links and other resources to enhance your weather unit.

Proteacher - Weather - An assortment of weather lesson plans and links for elementary teachers.

RESGI  E-Topics - A collection of computer animations and diagrams that you can use for exploring weather and climate. - Visit this area to find lessons and activities for your weather unit.

Visit to an Ocean Planet - An assortment of lessons for climate and oceans. Be sure to make a visit or two! - Education - Explore a variety of activities you can use in your classroom to explore the world of weather!  The site also provides an interactive area for students, which is listed on my Kid Zone page for weather.

WeatherWatch - Visit this area of the Scholastic site to learn more about weather topics! Track a hurricane, make your own blizzard, or investigate tornadoes are just a few of their neat activities for weather!

You, Me, & UV - Teacher's Guide to UV Topics - A selection of UV related activities to explore with your students. For more on UV activities, try As The Sun Burns.