Earth Day Lesson Plan Links

The Lorax Movie (1972 version) - I use this video worksheet during our environmental science unit.  The students enjoy the movie and do a great job writing their own endings to the story.  It also provides a great connection to the many topics we discuss related to deforestation, habitat loss, pollution, and human impact on the Earth.

A to Z Teacher Stuff - Recycling & Composting Lesson Plans - Find lesson plans and activity ideas for all grade levels.

Biodiversity Basics - Explore this resource from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for a variety of great lesson ideas to explore biodiversity.

Care2. com - EcoInfo for Teachers - Explore this area for links to the best environmental lesson plans, projects, and resources!

Earth Day Themes - Visit this site for links to lots of great online resources for Earth Day, such as several links to materials for The Lorax. Scroll down the page to find lots of links for lesson plans, free Earth Day printouts, clip art, and craft ideas!

EdHelper Earth Day - An assortment of worksheets and activities for Earth Day!

EEK Teacher's Page - Lots of great ideas for classroom activities for all subjects as well as links to online resources. Spend some time exploring the EEK website with your students!

Envirofun - A site for kids from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency! Captain Earthworm, Captain Redbird and Captain Bluegill will show children how they can protect earth's air, land and water.

Environmental Education Network - Browse this site for a large collection of links for teachers and students.

EPA for Teachers - Explore this website to find great curriculum resources for conservation, ecosystems, water, and more!

Georgia Pacific - Educational In Nature - A series of environmental education curriculum supplements for grades 4-5 designed to foster understanding and environmental awareness in the classroom.

Illinois State Water Survey - Visit this site for a wealth of water-related resources for our state!

NEED - Browse their website for great ideas for your energy education programs! Earth Day Activities - Earth-friendly, fun activities to help you build environmental awareness in K-8 students.

Teacher's Corner Activities List - Find great lessons and activities to teach your students about global issues! You must sign up to receive a password to access the lessons, but it is free and well worth the effort!

World's Shortest Recycling Guide - Do your students have questions about recycling? Visit this page for a quick overview of recycling tips for all types of items!

Also explore the links on the Environmental Education page!