Project Winter Bobsled
Project created by Jim Wetzel

The goal is to create the fastest or best designed bobsled.

1. Build two bobsleds from bars of soap.
2. The bobsled must not weigh more than 100 grams.
3. The bobsled must not exceed a length of 10 cm or a width of 6 cm.
4. The bobsled must have runners and slide down the course.
5. It must not have wheels or roll.
6. It must not have any liquid on it.
7. It must finish the course right side up facing forward in order to win the speed competition.
8. In order to win the design category, the bobsled must finish the race.

On event day:
1. Your bobsled will be massed and measured.
2. The bobsled will be started from the top of the course without a push.
3. The time and mass will be recorded.
4. Each bobsled will be allowed two runs. The best time will be recorded.

Bobsled Track

Materials for track:

20 feet of 4" plastic sewer pipe
20 feet of threaded pipe
1 - 2x10 board - 10 feet long (cut in half)
3 Elbows

Also available ... Project Winter Bobsled Event Results chart (pdf)

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